musings from nursing school & beyond

"Do at least one catheter insertion on a male before graduation."

Life Lesson #8

Sorry to the guys out there, but this is a necessary learning moment. Despite being in consolidation, I have never inserted a catheter into a a male until the other day. For those who have not, know that the prostate can be a hindrance.

With my patient, the prostate was enlarged, so that made the insertion even less comfortable for the patient and more horrifying for me. Once I had the catheter in a few inches, I came against a lot of resistance and my patient cringed every time I tried to push past the prostate. However, this patient desperately needed a catheter and my preceptor was with me the entire time…

After the catheter was in, secured by the balloon and draining urine into the bag, my preceptor looked at me with kind reassurance and said, “Once you see a urologist insert a catheter, you’ll never worry about being too rough with inserting one.”

I’ve never seen a urologist do one, but does anyone else have stories of catheter insertions?

  • 10 February 2012
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